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Plaster Faqs

How does a pool re-plaster compare to painting my pool?
Durability/Wear: Poor. Most paints require annual repainting. Chemicals and water conditions adversely affect longevity.
Ease in Cleaning: Poor unless the paint is very new.
Aesthetics: Good when new, deteriorates to poor as paint/coating ages.
Non-slip Surface: Poor unless non-slip granules are added to the paint
Overall Advantages: Quick inexpensive method of improving pool's appearance. Painting should be limited to pools that have limited options i.e. metal, fiberglass or concrete. Some newer coatings are environmentally friendly and more resistant to pool chemicals.
Overall Disadvantages: Swimming pools commonly need painting every year. High maintenance cost over the life of the pool.

If I make the decision today to go with your company, how soon can we get started?
It generally depends on the season. During the summer some plaster companies can get backed up as far as 5 weeks. We can generally begin within 10 days if not sooner once the down payment is received

How much is the down payment?
We require $2000 down to begin the job. The final amount is due on the day that the water is filled up.

Can I see some tile samples if I decide to get new tile?
Sure, visit to see your options. Most of the tile is available, and most of them fall within the price given in our estimates, however, there are some tiles that are   from Italy that may cost a little extra. Contact us to make sure that the tile is in stock and that it is within the price range of the estimate, most of them are.

How long does it generally take to finish the re-plaster?
We can usually have the job completed within 15 days if not sooner. You should also take into account the 5 out of 7 day start up once the job is complete to re-balance the chemical and remove the plaster dust.

  • 1 day to drain
  • 1 day to chip
  • 1 day to apply the tile
  • 1 day to plaster
  • 1 day to fill the pool
  • 5 of 7 days to re-chemical, remove excess plaster dust
Each of these jobs requires a different crew. We try to schedule each crew as tight as possible; however during the summer there may be more down time due to the high volume of plaster jobs during the busy season.

How much more will it cost for colored plaster?
For they grey to black finishes it costs approx $450. For a blue finish the price would approximately double due to the materials required to achieve this color. Fortunately the white plaster option has a light blue tint once the water is filled up in the pool.

What colors are available other than white?
Light Grey
French Grey

You should be aware that the standard white finish has a light blue tint once the water is filled up in the pool.

Why do you recommend the standard white plaster over the colored plaster?
Aside from the standard white plaster being the most affordable most people find that it remains the most aesthetically pleasing.

By its nature, colored plaster will accentuate all of the characteristics normally found in white plaster.  Mottling, for example, can be more pronounced in colored plaster than in white.  Colored plaster may also exhibit pigment stains, streaks, unevenness of color and more noticeable checking and crazing.  Also, variations of shade will exist between color sample chips and mixed plaster.  Over time, the color may fade completely or grow gradually lighter and will often not be the precise shade that was anticipated.  It's important to note that none of these conditions are considered a deficiency of the product.

Because of these reasons we require the following disclaimer to be signed if you should decide to go with the colored plaster.

By signing this disclaimer, I am aware of the following regarding color plaster and do not hold LA Pool Guys liable for the outcome of the colored plaster:

  • Black or gray plaster and other colored additives can produce varied color effects.
  • Any colored plaster will show more mottling than white pools.
  • If you plaster in any color other than white, expect streaking and uneven hues. Don't expect flat black color, for example.
  • Darker plaster color will also bleach when exposed to granular chlorine and other chemicals. Over time this can produce splotches of bleached marks.
How long is the plaster warranted for?
A more detailed description of our warrantee information is also included with the estimate.

Our contract guarantees that any defects due to our materials or workmanship within three (3) years of the date of purchase will be repaired without cost to the original purchaser.   Our warranty does not cover damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse or the incorrect use of chemicals.   It also does not cover streaks, stains, discolorations, spotting caused by minor foreign impurities in the material and checking or shrinkage cracks normal to cememtitious materials.   This guarantee applies to white or color pools. If color plaster is applied contractor is neither responsible nor liable for color variation, alkaline film, scaling, crazing or calcium adhering to crazing (checking).   Color variation is inherent in all color pool plastering. Sub-contractor is not responsible for existing structural problems (structural crack in gunite or cracked bond beam.) If tile is installed over cracked bond beam there is no guarantee against cracking or separating.