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Another Green Pool At the Rio Olympics

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Green Pool Rio Olympics 2016

So I turned on the Olympics last night to watch the diving event and couldn’t believe my eyes. The first thing out of my mouth was, ” That pool is not clean!” As a pool guy I always notice these things when I walk into a hotel and the water is the slightest bit cloudy. But you don’t need to run a pool company to see that the pools at the 2016 Rio Olympics are more than cloudy. They have completely turned green! I’m not sure how this happened, but it really is a bummer that it happened on the largest┬ástage.

green pool Rio Olympics

These pools at the Rio Olympics show how quickly a swimming pool can turn. Unfortunately with a pool this size it could take a good amount of time to clear up. It takes a standard size (20,000 gallons) pool approximately 6 hours to filter through the system one time! Figure that these pools are in the hundreds of thousands of gallons. Well….we might be looking at green pools through the Olympics.