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Virginia Graeme Baker Act: Los Angeles Health Department Update

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By this time most commercial properties in Los Angeles have taken care of the Virgina Graeme Baker retrofit requirements, but  if you have not already Design Plastering  has helped LA Pool Guys with bringing our commercial properties into compliance since the law was enacted. If you are still looking to retrofit, give them a call and tell them that LA Pool Guys sent you.

I just received the swimming pool service technician letter from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and it included an update to Virginia Graeme Baker Act of 2010. This is the update and current requirements:

By July 1 2010, all public pools should have been brought into compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. This required retrofitting the pool with approved drain covers and making sure that the suction drains were split or protected by a safety vacuum release system.

In  addition, pool owners/contractors were required to send a certificate of compliance to our department once the work was done.

Pools that are not in compliance are being closed by our department until they comply with the VGB act. The process is not complete until we receive the compliance form.

click here to get the full PDF of the VGB requirments according to the Los Angeles Health Department

Happy retrofitting!