Commercial Pool & Spa Service: The Emergency Shut off Switch Problem


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LA Pool Guys has serviced hundreds of Commercial pools and spas. Every once in a while we will get a complaint from a property manager for a commercial spa that the spa is not heating properly, or working intermittently.

On the surface one might lean towards the spa motor being the issue. In some cases this is the correct, however, the motor tends to give you signs that it is on it’s way out. Other times there is a less obvious culprit. The unmarked emergency shut off switch.

If the emergency shut off switch isn’t clearly marked (photo below) you will often have a reoccurring issue of the tenant/s mistaking the emergency shut off switch as the spa jet switch. Sure the spa jets will turn off, but so will the entire system. And it won’t restart again until it is turned on by someone who has identified the problem.

Emergency Shut off switch

Emergency shut off switches should be marked very clearly so that tenants don’t mistake them for the spa jet switch

A simple sign like this one can save a property manager from ongoing complaints related to the spa system being shut down accidentally by their tenants.

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