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Swimming pool tile cleaning service Los Angeles

LA Pool Guys Glass Bead Blasting and Tile Cleaning Service Los Angeles

Are you tired of Calcium and grime build up on your pool, spa and fountain? If so, glass bead blasting service is exactly what you are looking for.

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Tile Cleaning Service Los Angeles Pool Guys

I’ts that time of year again and it’s time have that water feature ready for summer. Weather it’s your swimming pool, fountain, or spa it seems that each new hot season you’re ready for annual tile maintenance. Calcium and grime can build up pretty quickly and it is important to clean these surfaces with some regularity to see that fresh new looking finish that you are looking for. Fountains and water features that have a water flow over a wall have high tendency to accumulate calcium build up due to the evaporation of water as it flows in a thin sheet over the pool tile surface (pic above). The evaporation pulls the water away and leaves that unsightly white staining that can only be removed with harsh chemicals or by our preferred way of removal which is glass bead blasting.

Glass Bead Blasting Service Los Angeles Orange County and Surrounding Cities

Glass bead blasting is a very effective and safe way to remove scale and calcium from your swimming pool tile, spa tile, or fountain walls. It is effect for cement and hard stone surfaces with build up as well. So what is glass bead blasting anyway? Glass bead blasting is a non damaging high pressure wash that uses fine glass beads to remove calcium, grime, and embedded fungus. It also helps restore the grout to a brighter color since it effectively removes the top layer of grim from the surface. As a pool service company, we have found that this is the best and most effective method of restoring your pool tile surface. Here are some before and after pictures so you can see what your pool, spa or fountain tile could look like after a glass bead blasting service from LA Pool Guys

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Contact us today to get your tile back on track and your pool spa or fountain looking perfect for that upcoming BBQ or pool party. We will be happy to provide a quote for your job. You can fill out our request a bid form or send an e-mail directly to with pictures of your job attached. We will send you a bid for your specific job on a first come first serve basis. During the busy summer season this service is in very high demand so be sure to schedule today! Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions (213) 999-7665

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